Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers   

of New Haven  

You may know of someone in your life who is struggling with the effects of aging. They may not be able to get a tea kettle off of the stove after it boils, to read mail, or to go shopping without assistance. They might be caring for a spouse with Alzheimer's or need help getting to and from medical appointments. They might spend many hours alone.

Elderly persons who need help to continue living happily in their own homes have been served by the Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers of Greater New Haven program since 1984. The program brings people in need into supportive relationships with caring volunteers. Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers helps older men and women remain in their own homes with dignity as long as possible; offers support to families in difficult and demanding circumstances; combats the isolation all too prevalent among elderly persons and works with congregations to develop effective care-giving ministry and outreach to members and non-members to put faith into action.

Would you like to volutneer?  Yes, we really could use you.  Please see "About us" in the tab at the top of this page.  We thank you for your interest.